Graham Wood


In 2005 Graham Wood, CEO of Fluent Home started in the security alarm industry. After several years of experience in selling and managing Graham began to see an unfortunate trend - that many alarm companies gave no thought to the service of their customers. Feeling dissatisfied with the current trend Graham decided to start his own company that took a more personal approach to customer service. 5 years later Fluent Home has grown to be one of the largest security companies in Canada and employs dozens of industry experts and maintains the focus of customer experience and satisfaction.

Graham started from humble beginnings and before starting in the security industry was a tree planter in British Columbia. During his time at Summit Reforestation he set records for production and efficiency. Over the years he has developed the abilities to be an amazing leader and owner of an influential company. His skills as a salesman, recruiter, trainer and most of all leader are unmatched. Fluent has gained its success from his ability to connect with people and assemble individuals into effective teams. To this day, Graham makes it a point to interact with every employee and all of the 150+ sales reps employed by Fluent know Graham’s cell phone and are comfortable calling him anytime.




In 2010 Graham and his group of sales reps went on their first international charity project. They traveled to Honduras to help single mothers and their children find much need shelter. The team built 4 homes over a 5 day period and installed solar panels on the homes to help filter water and provide electricity to an area without any formal means of power.


The charity trip to Kenya in 2011 was a life altering experience. The team at Titan helped construct a school for young children including building a playground, a new classroom and an outhouse. Seeing the primitive conditions where the children lived was truly humbling. However, seeing the children’s smiles as they held a soccer ball and played a sport for the first time was truly miraculous.


The 2012 trip to Peru was unforgettable. The Titan team greatly improved the conditions of an orphanage for poor, abused and abandoned children. New mattresses, volleyball nets and computers were purchased. A computer lab and new restroom facilities were constructed and many areas were painted and refurbished. Government officials allowed more children to reside at the orphanage due to the improvements. The trip was most gratifying and continues in the Titan tradition of charity.


The Edmonton project involved providing assistance with the restructuring of a building for the iHuman facility. This entailed numerous efforts, including but not limited to removing doors, ceilings, shelving, etc., which enabled the building to receive significant improvements. The team provided new carpeting for the children’s daycare center and insulation for the windows. The Vancouver, Washington project involved assisting the local YWCA with renovations to the children’s outdoor classroom and play area along with painting several of the classrooms.


In November of 2014, volunteers from all levels of the Fluent Home organization travelled to the Philippines for a week-long charity project. The Dalingding Sur Elementary School was selected for the 2014 project because of the significant damage it received due to an earthquake and later a typhoon in late 2013 and the need for repairs still needed. The Fluent team came together with many local workers to rebuild roofing and frames, wall repair, gutter installation, painting, cleaning, landscaping and much more.

Dominican Republic

The 2015 charity project took place in the Dominican Republic, a small island in the Caribbean Sea. Home to many wonderful, warm and friendly people, the DR is also home to several of our employees. This project was especially close to our hearts. With the help of local charity organizations we selected an elementary school to renovate with new playground equipment, repaint and rebuild the restroom facilities. We also found 10 impoverished families to provide much needed food, clothing and beds.